The Strategies of Digital Warfare in Changing the Face of the World

(Cyber Warfare and Visual Disinformation as a Model)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge; with imagination we can see the future.”_ Albert Einstein

“Future war will not be like conventional wars”_ US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Osman Ali: A researcher at Al Furat Center for Studies

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Geography, armies, and the pillars of states have become vulnerable to collapse and fall, on the media and electronic platforms before they fall on reality in conflicts, political disputes, and social unrest areas, due to the ongoing development of technology and its continuously updated generations.

Many concepts and theories of the psychology of influence, penetration and control have changed, alongside the rules of the game, the map of domination and the balances of power. Despite what the Internet and the means of communication provide for real-time communication between individuals and groups, shortening geography and time and facilitating daily life, they have become – at the same time -an exceptional destination for many recruited propaganda circles, which mobilize all their material and human energies to reshape and frame counter-public opinion.

Within the next pages, we will use the descriptive approach to study and analyze the strategies and dimensions of employing the different powers of the modern generations, from advanced technology to striking the vital targets of enemies and rivals. We will try to discern the effects resulting from all of this, at multiple levels and conclude logical explanations by relying on clear sources and authentic scientific references (Previous studies, research, reports, and television programs) to enrich the displayed content. These contents will be addressed in our research paper as following:

First: Cyber Warfare

Second: Visual Disinformation

Third: the Outcomes and Conclusion

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