The Definition of the Center

Name: Al-Furat Center for Studies

Headquarters & Foundation Date: Syria/Qamishli; It is founded in February 2018

The Nature of the Center’s Activities: It is an independent institution(think tank) dealing with the matters  and issues of the Middle East and Syria in general and the territories of the North and East of Syria(NES) in particular. It also provides and supervises engineering and economic feasibility studies to public authorities.


The Center’s Logo: It is composed of four blue waves on the white ground; it stands for the Euphrates River.

The Vision and Mission of the Center

The Center’s Vision: building a scientific research ground concerning the relevant political, economic and social issues of the region in general and the North and East of Syria’s region in particular, focusing on the spread of the democratic values and intellectual freedom, and the dissemination of dialogue values.

The Center’s Mission:

  • Exploring mechanisms and structures of developing research capabilities and attracting active minds and brains in society to form a think tank cell capable of producing distinguished visions and scientific thoughts in various issues related to the political and societal (economic and social) reality directly.
  • Introducing appropriate scientific propositions based on scientific analysis and explanation of current and future facts and events in the region.
  • Cooperating with public authorities in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria(AANES), in the field of economic and engineering studies concerning small and medium enterprises)SMEs).

The Main Objectives of the Center

The Center Seeks, throughout its work in the research field, to achieve the following objectives:

  • The formation of a scientific and research ground for the social reality on various political, economic and social levels in the region, aimed at achieving the scientific and social progress and development.
  • Contributing in building the future visions and tendencies for the societal institutions.
  • Providing relevant institutions in the region with current and future proposals and solutions for the most significant political, economic and social issues by introducing appropriate mechanisms based on surveys and studies that have been conducted by the Center.
  • Submitting economic and engineering studies on small and medium (SMEs) enterprises, which is announced by the public authorities in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and supervising those projects whenever the cooperation is required between the two parties.
  • Qualifying scientific and research cadres, concerned with political and economic affairs, to provide the relevant community institutions with opinions and suggestions, which contribute to the development of its reality, and moving forward for the better.

The Organizational and Administrative Structures

The Center consists of the following managements and departments

1- The Management of the Center: consists of Executive Director and his two assistants: the Deputy Executive Director for administrative and financial affairs, and the Deputy Executive Director for public relations and Marketing affairs.

2- The Executive Board: it comprises of the Executive Director and both of his deputies, along with the heads of the departments.

3- The Center Departments: it consists of:


  • Studies and research projects and it has the following units:

 Political and Economic Studies

Social Studies

Media Studies

Field Survey Studies

  • Supervision and Economic and Engineering Studies.
  • Translation
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Human Resources
  • Financial and Logistics Affairs
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Archives and Documentation
  • Legal Affairs

4- Advisory Board: They are senior fellows who are highly qualified and interested in public affairs, they must not be less than three members.