Chaos as a Social Situation

Translated by: Delil Saado


Our generation has seen a very crucial period, some describe it as a transitional, others as abnormal, like Hofmann names it. Others describe it as “Chaos”; which is seeking order and stability in the midst of instability and disorder.

The vast majority named it such as (creative Chaos, total Chaos, inter-Chaos). So what kind of chaos is this? What are its reasons? Are there similar historical examples? How could the results of Chaos be transformed to reasons of an emergence of the intractable challenges? How does the loss of moral values occur in the Chaos phase to be transformed to a prominent description of it? What are the possibilities  that could be crystallized in such circumstances? How could humanity survive with minimal losses from the Chaos?

Of course, we must first look at the concept and meaning of Chaos in order to be able to make a precise definition of this situation, in turn, to this phase, which a lot of debates and discussions are going on about it . And understanding  this phase will be the beginning of surviving from it . 

Definition of Chaos

Chaos: As term is used by ancient Greeks in the sense of void, darkness, blindness, and in French comes in the sense of “on the edge of the abyss “.

The common description of this case is a mess . The use of Chaos term widely, leads us to a lot of inaccuracies and confusion in our understanding of the phase, for example, the school is in a state of mess when its administrative crew absent, and the city is in a state of mess during the absence of its administrative institutions, but the Chaos that we are dealing with is not similar to the examples we have cited above .

The Chaos was used in the sense of Void in the ancient Greek language. The ancient Greeks have named the goddess as  “Chaos”; they had the “Chaos Goddess” for their conviction that the Void is creative, and everything comes or being created from it which is the material that has no form. The double of existence : Void can be more clear in this case: where there is no permanent existence, nor a permanent void, they are in a reciprocal relationship, but they are interdependent at the same time, the Void ends where the existence begins, this was called in Quantum Physics “The Quantum Moments”, in the sense of creation moments.

Do societies have the stamina of the Void situation? The void of what? And what kind of void is intended here?

Chaos is socially  the core of this research, it has been written by many, and this study focuses on several aspects of this subject.

Reasons for the Emergence of Chaos

First, we have to look for reasons of the emergence of Chaos in our world, where two main reasons have been developed for this situation:

– Structural Crisis.

– Religious Dogmas.

Since its foundation  in the 16th century up till today, the global order has not been without crisis situations, and these crises have several types:

Periodical Crises: Temporary Periodical crises. The fundamental character of this crisis is that the Order can overcome it through some reforms, patches and rehabilitations .

Structural Crisis: Some name it as the long-term crisis, It is what we are interested in through this study. The nature of this crisis is that it is not possible or even impossible to overcome  it, neither the reforms, nor the rehabilitations are useful. Systems are like everything have a specific age: starting with the stage of emergence or the so-called childhood into the stage of prosperity and expansion,  the stage of maturity to the stage of the crisis and then declining and dispersion .

This crisis has  begun in 1970 and it is continuous and still growing without any way out. This crisis has been called structural because it is an overall crisis of all aspects of life.

The Order Crisis Politically:

In order to become expand and global, the existing global order depended on expanding the number of Nation-States and classical parties, which are a prototype of these states in its structure and system. Nation-States and the classical parties are suffering from a stifling crises: in which it has lost its attraction which was at the beginning of its emergence, representing people’s hopes in Freedom and Justice or that is how it was being defined by its self, but by the passage of time it has seemed to be a problem by itself and that it has not embodied  its people’s aspirations to build a decent life which has led to the emergence of violent reactions and internal pressures to overcome it and to seek its collapse. A good example in this regard is what began in Iraq in 2003 where the current status of the situation in Iraq in general, and in particular to its president was compared to the status of France in the era of Louis XVI by the thinker Mr. Ocalan “Does America know that it has put an end to the Nation-State by killing Saddam Hussein, just the same way when they announced its establishment by killing Louis XVI?!”, he said.

The nation-state is also under great pressures from abroad, and the reason, of course, that it has become an obstacle to the Capital flow that clashes with the borders and the bureaucracies of these states. Therefore, the global  order has put on its agenda overthrowing of these states ,thus, the Nation-State builder is also trying to destroy it .However, the Nation-State has already begun to collapse and it has, and it would no longer be able to mobilize its people through its fake slogans . But, what is the alternative? This is unclear and one of the reasons of Chaos.

The Order Crisis Socially:

This Order has created  a stifling social crisis, too . It has primarily rooted itself in creating and building a self-centered and greedy individual whose purpose of life is seeking the greatest profit: this Order has been served by curriculums which has led to strike and dismantle  societies and creating peoples like the Ants as Nietzsche described it : even the institution of family which is basically the building block of this Order based on a masculine basis ,therefore, it is a prototype of the Patriarchy as a whole; in which the family is suffering from a serious crisis and facing extinction and dispersion  in its classical form. Hence, the large number of divorce cases is only proof of the crisis of this type it . The rising generations have clear tendencies towards overcoming this institution in its traditional form which has a long history, therefore, overcoming this crisis is also very difficult.

The Ecological Crisis

The ecological crisis is also one of the crises that cannot be overcome. The main reason for this crisis is that the global order treats the environment with objects mentality or the logic of object, and tries hard to reach the way how a human controls the surrounding nature and environment (a greedy and selfish individual or a rational nature) which led to a complete disconnection between a human and his environment, in addition, to the pollution and global warming arising  from it which has begun to threaten human life. Representatives of this Order are holding many climate summits, but they are in vain because they do not dare to take tough decisions, and seal many of the companies and nuclear reactors that causing the pollution.

In addition, to the unsolvable population density which is alarmingly growing like a snowball, and which is mainly the result of the global order to search for a cheap labor. In its emergence and development, this Order depended on the three Ss’ (Sex – Sport – Singing).

The statistics show that the percentage of births is due to casual relations outside the formal marriage increased up to 60% in Germany. Many studies have shown that every 100,000 years the population of the Earth has increased by one billion. However, there are statistics confirming that the population of the planet since the appearance of Homo Sapiens to 1950 was 4 billion people and from 1950 until today the population of our planet is almost 8 billion . 

Taking into consideration the deep economic crisis, even the Science has become into a stifling crisis where its objective: was promoting societies, serving them, developing them and solving their problems, but Science has been monopolized by the Capitalist System under the slogan: “who owned Science, owned power”. That way, Science has turned over : instead of being a problem solver to a  problem causer, and it is mainly being used for an armament.

These indications refer to how deep this crisis is that has been called the Structural Crisis.

Chaos Connotations In Terms of Life and Practice

The collapse of the Nation-State beginning with Iraq has many connotations: that Iraq is not like Afghanistan, Pakistan or any other country; Iraq is the uterus, the root and the mainspring of religion and state. This system has started from Iraq as a small snake and has grown up till has become a global order.

Today, the head of the snake has reached its tail and has started to eat itself and collapses in Iraq where its mainspring .

Iraqi people is most of the peoples who have experienced  the state in every detail (from Sumerian State to Acadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Monarchy Abbasid’s state up to the modern state), until they have lost complete believe in the state and its institutions; therefore , all the values related to the state have been collapsed in Iraqis minds .

What America did by its intervention in Iraq is removing those ashes on the flaming fire inside them (Iraqi people): this  clarifies the loss of these values because America has not only changed the government of Saddam Hussein but also helped to collapse the entire state as it was on the brink of an ancient valley. During Saddam Hussein’s time, in his last ten years, Iraq state’s bones has already begun to be rotten . The concept of “State” reigned on the throne of Mankind’s mind since thousands of years as it was the holy shadow of God. 

And the one who would be part of this theological holy structural more than being  scientific and the holiness is a theological description : from the president of state to the lower employee they were having the same holiness which has started to be lost and declined .

The most prominent example concerning  this (is when a policeman goes in anywhere, he has his status; people will  call him ” sir “and they would not feel underestimated or any feelings that they are like slaves, and the reason for that because he was being represented as a part from the holiness of the state,  and it was not only their fear from its strength . Even a child cannot believe this kind of discourse that is being said like that way by the regimes representatives . The main reason is the declining concept of the holiness and the values centered around it . The pleasure of power reached up to the time of  Saddam ; in the first part of his rule, millions of people were going down to the streets to cheer his name .

The same way usually emperors and kings, for instance , one of the them would have mental patient ( Psycho) . Except for a few elite, who could think independently, rest of the people could not believe that their emperor is mad ; They were going out to address the emperor and say : ” long live”, and the reason  is the existence of the divine halo around him which was an obstacle to verification and suspicion . Therefore, the issue was not Saddam as person ,but it was a phase and it was very long ; which every part from that holy structure was sacred, and how it would be for the top of the pyramid! .

State has started to collapse in people’s mind and brains before it collapses in general and Nation – State in particular .When it has lost its divinity and there is no longer any value for ranks, authority and features to be mentioned . Regimes are primarily being built and destroyed inside the minds . So , Iraq is representing the center of Chaos in the Middle east . Why did not we ask about the reason of the night Baghdad has fallen? . Why did not Iraqis people resist ? . How could we explain this ?, whereas  the people of Iraq have known for their rebellion and refusing the occupiers . Is it possible to relate this to the lack of their dignity ? . But, when do people resist ?, they resist when they realize that their values which are arranged their life according to in danger and it is being attacked, building on these values their imaginations and the power of their morale is derived from these imaginations . Iraqis were not ready to resist for neither Saddam Hussein who is already expired in their minds, nor for state which is no longer they interested in and they have already experienced, in vain, lots of its forms . So, Iraqis people did not have the values that could motivate them to resist . All the values centered around state and religion have been destroyed and an alternative has not materialized  yet .

So, Chaos is the Void that has taken shape as a result of the collapse and destruction of the ancient values and new values have not materialized yet . Does Chaos , for instance , would be able to eliminate one of the peoples?, and why not ?. So , the Chaos situation is really dangerous because peoples in this case exposed to a lot of challenges, and a good example in this regard at present is Iraq ; despite of the vast USA army intervention in Iraq, it could not be able to take its throne and it is still flopping around and the reason is their discontent and refusal  with the existing Order, and more importantly, they do not have a viable alternative . So, where is Iraq heading or Yemen or even Arabs in general ? . They are the most peoples of the region live in the mess of the aspects of life . 

Extinction may be not right word while we are in the 21th century, but we must not forget that we have seen barefoot and those who have long beards such as ISIS and its sisters which was not expected, but they have emerged . So, in Chaos everything is possible .

Example of the Periods of Chaos

So , to clarify the idea more, let’s bring examples from the history, and we will take Ibrahim Al-Khalil as an example who was worshipping Idols, and people have complete conviction that the Idol is their God at that time :they were describing Him with all what they wish for themselves in life,  they were saying : ” when we ask Him for rain, He sends rain”, and He is our God ; the God of goodness, blessing, and fertility …etc. . But, by the passage of time they have started to doubt about the truth of what they have been worshipping . When the doubt starts, the absolute truth cracks which, in turn, has led them to the situation of losing all the values that centered around that Idol (Religion) . The history books narrate that most of  those people who used to build their Goddess from Dates, they were eating it at situations of hunger . In addition, the temple which is used to shelter Goddess that was considered one of the greatest and proudest place by the passage of time it turned over to a place submerged with negligence . They were no longer visiting who they used to wish Its blessing . It has lost its holiness and status in their minds and consequently God was deterrent for them . Another notable thing was that Ibrahim’s insight in his precise reading of his fellows’ minds, and he had known very well that they could not continue with such destructed values that is why he started to destroy those Idols and announced about an invisible and an intangible God who has got different descriptions, and this way humanity has created new values centered around a new God who sits on the throne of the Heavens . Therefore, they named Ibrahim’s call as Ibrahim Al-Khalil’s breakthrough because he has launched from the Chaos situation to a new one that is being controlled by new values which has led to kind of stability and tranquility . This situation has continued up to the beginning of the new millennium where human has started to doubt about the concept of holiness and sanctification .

Concerning Lot ‘s tribe story which monotheistic religions claim that God has cursed them and they have been  extinct and they defined the main reason is their indulgence and excessive in immorality .We will understand from what have been written that they are the nation who was stubborn to keep going to organize their life based on those values which have been expired and worn out in their minds  and its rule as moral deterrent has ended . We could describe them as casualties for the Chaos that was being lived at those times . 

Another example which has similarity with the situation we live is the one has been materialized  after the Enlightenment and Philosophical Reform Revolution, at the same time, the emergence of Methodology phase  which have been pioneered by Rene Descartes, Francis Bacon and Roger Bacon who have attacked most of people’s values under  the name of Science which has led to elimination of the ancient values and without materializing new values . 

The last example  we can take a lesson from is from China when the Communist Chinese Party have ruined all the Taos’ values under the name of the cultural revolution .They have not  created new values which is the problem that China is still complaining about until today . 

The Loss of Moral Values is the Prominent Characteristic for Chaos

Our values were centered around religion and state which are basically from the same origin  during last 5 millenniums . The state is just like religion: it is theological existence, its builders from clergymen; Monks, which both of them have been destroyed in the mind of society and on the rock of Iraq and that is meant by saying that religious dogmas are considered as one of the reasons of Chaos, especially in the Middle East when it started  with Imam Al –Ghazali by preventing discussions and closing the door of discretion, until it has arrived to this very day that a human even can no longer ask himself a question about religion and God and he has become afraid of his self . The more a thing gets tough, gets away from flexibility and free discussions, the more its possibility to be destroyed gets easier and more likely, and that is the case in religion issue where no longer could be deterrent for Evil among a large percentage of people . Do  the fear of God and greed of heaven are the deterrent for a human in our time ?. It is very clear that questioning all the values and religious teaching more than ever before in this phase, where a human has unconditionally got the power to discuss everything in this regard . Is not an increase in the proportion of Atheism and atheists especially in some Arab countries, for instance, Saudi Arabia which is the shrine of religion, an indicator about the beginning of verification and suspicion in religion and Islamic law? . Briefly, this is the Chaos which a lot of discussions is going on about in which the destruction and collapse of the ancient values without  materializing new values, traditions and norms .Values give meaning, gravity, the power of future imagination and setting the tone of awaited tomorrow in life . Obviously, people are complaining from a tasteless life, although they have a lot of means which make life easier . They are looking for a taste of life and not finding it except in their memories . Does not a man feel that he lives in an unknown situation ?. Sometimes, he feels as he is inside a flood, and he cannot know what is going to happen even at the nearest future, and lots of them are suffering from weakness in the power of imagination, and consequently weakness in moral side because imagination is necessarily being built based on the values he believes in, and worst of all, is feeling the loss of  moral values and morality which is the prominent feature of Chaos, for instance, I remember in the 1990 there was the culture of Fund-Raising for militant Movements among people and part of this donation was frequently what was being donated from gold and with different kinds from big sizes to smaller ones were being handed over to one of the families without any doubt that they might open that bag . But, nowadays, who would trust to hand over an amount of money to the same family, at least, he would think “I will invest this money until I am being requested”, he dares to invest it without informing its owner, why is that ?, because the values that an individual believes in is the moral deterrent and controller for him in which the vice and taboo had a clear effect on the social life of a human being; if a man loses  the deterrent values, there will be no moral deterrent, too. Cannot we relate the plenty of emergence the Extremist Movements at this phase with this situation? . Cannot we connect the emergence of ISIS and their type with the crisis of Order and Chaos situation that has created?. Even the migration that people have recently lived it: Chaos was its reason, and when he/her was being asked, why are you taking risk in the Seas? the answer was: “I am already dead and it does not matter if I am going to die in Sea”,. Why did he feel dead?. Because the one who has lost the values, does not feel the taste of life and what make us feel of the joy of life are these values which we believe in and live for it . 


Somebody could wonder, what does it matter of destructing  these worn out values which were basically centered around glorification,  sanctification of the authority, access and removing the sanctification from religion and state?. This might be a chance for an emergence of more moderate Orders and more closer to the human nature as a social being aspires to Freedom and  Equality. In fact, as much as risks and harms Chaos brings, at the same time, it has never been more productive phase, and it’s like rapeseed situation; the situation before creation, which presents a chance and an appropriate ground for revival a new methods to bring the meaning and glamour of life back and create new values centered around moral  philosophy, but on one condition, this phase must have its pioneering leadership , must have fully prepared, must have made a right analyses, must have right tendencies to overcome this situation and launch from Chaos, so the victory would be achieved by those powers who have the alternative of all aspects .

Obviously, these phases have got between its layers so many possibilities at these times, and the most appropriate possibility would be conducting a great revolutions in which the circumstances of  conducting revolutions were always under Autocratic Regimes from thousands of years; because the excuses for conducting revolutions for Justice , Equality, moreover, being abused, and robbery were abundantly existed, but the circumstances of victory of revolutions do not always  appear. So, this Chaos situation is a great chance for victories of revolutions where the conflict of interests of the dominant and superpowers .

It has been no chance for bargaining and reconciliation in this period, the friends of yesterday could be the enemies of today, and the enemies of today could be transformed to the friends of near future and in such circumstances ; if any beginning  have Cadres who have hold a sense of responsibility and have a complete knowledge concerning their tasks, would create a fundamental change .

Most of times it comes to our minds that in at certain historical turning points and as if a destiny that a people would play a leading role to survive humanity from such crises, sometimes Hebrew’s tribe or the Jewish people have played this role, Arabs have occasionally played this role, and Western European have played a leading role at a certain  points, nowadays, Destiny has wanted that this role must to be played by Kurdish people, to be ship and take Humanity to safety . So, the state of revolution and the existence of viable alternative have already centered in Kurdistan. Kurdish people has got the tendencies of salvation from Chaos more than anyone else and has started to create his own-values far from religion and state and I do not say this aiming at publicity but it is fact and reality and it is  a historical responsibility placed upon Kurds . We are trying to build an Order that based on the flow or running of the energy; any Order can be developed regularly and sustainably where is the democratic society and an ecological free .

If we are not qualified when we conduct this revolution or being late in addressing  its requirements, the other possibility will be given a space which might appear in such situations and the emergence of dictatorships  and chauvinistic more deadly than Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Stalin. So, a new phase will begin and open the road for Massacres to the peoples who aspire to have its Freedom and live in dignity  . 

That is why we should understand the phase very well and work hard, tirelessly, so that people will not give a chance for the emergence of dictatorships.